Those Crazy Resources

Check your resources, and by resources I mean your crazy talented friends. You’ll surprise yourself.  All along you’ve been going along making friends out of the pure selfishness of liking them, and whoops! You went and chose brilliant artisans as your drinking buddies, your allies in adventure, your chosen family. I know I’m not the only one.

Starting this blog, I have already discovered the talents of several friends. Okay, one is my husband of whom I knew was handy with a computer, but did I marry him because he makes html his bitch? No. It also doesn’t mean I take direction from him well, or that he can teach me using techie words I understand. Not that I understand many techie words. Html probably isn’t even the right term. See a problem there?

Anyway, he does know code and I now have a website that functions. Another friend is a photoshop genius, a website design goddess, and speaks Tara, which is oh-so helpful. Due to her translation abilities, I am still married. The price of her services was a bottle of wine that we shared together while designing both this site and some fun graphics. Yes, we let the hubby have some too. You have to give cred where cred is due.

A photographer friend squeezed me into her crazy busy schedule (and life), saw me on her one day off per week, and took my amazing photos you see splashed all over this site— with three days notice. She is one of the hardest working, dedicated people that I know. And she wasn’t a photographer when we met. Once again, talented people hiding in the crevasses of my life. Being part of her creative world and experiencing how accomplished she is at what she loves was empowering.

She has this fabulous idea of bartering our talents, which I fell in love with. Who knew there is this fabulous world of creatives bartering their services? Probably everyone except me. Well, I’m pushing up my sleeves and cannon balling into those waters.  More on that another day.

It doesn’t stop at three friends though. When someone says “I’m going to become a writer” they generally aren’t taken seriously. In fact, I expected to see looks of alarm, coughs of discomfort, and lectures of concern. And there were some— but I can count them on one hand.

What I did get upon saying these terrifying words, and terrifying they most definitely are, was astonishing support. I had offers to make me coffee, be sounding boards and beta readers, like my page on Facebook. I even received the biggest compliment ever: “I have no doubts. You’ve always done everything you say you will.

Until then, I didn’t know that’s how others see me. I didn’t know anyone noticed any of the work I put in over the years. I actually had to retrace the steps of my life and puzzle them together to see if it was possibly true. To my surprise, it was. I don’t claim perfection, but I have a pretty good track record for saying I’ll do something, and then doing it.

I also realized that my old adage of “I want to become a writer” had turned into “I’m going to become a writer.” That’s a good sign with my aforementioned track record.

My point is, you probably have a fortified support system surrounding you that you haven’t noticed. They are your friends, and you didn’t friend them knowing that when you decided to follow your dreams they would say “Hey, I believe in you, how can I help?”

So I say, check. Check and see what super stealth support squad you’ve built into the nooks and crannies of your own life. They are your ambassadors of success. They have your back. And they will rally to your call.


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