Lightness of Being

I want to talk about lightness of being and those who bring positivity into your life, promoting presence rather than absence. You know them, because they show up. They show up when you are happy, they show up when you’re not. They lend a hand when you need help, even if you haven’t asked, they accept your help when they need it themselves. They don’t play games with their existence in your life, in good times and bad. Most of all, they see your worth and they make sure you see it too.

Those are my people. They make me glow.

We all know “I can’t deal with the negative, so I pretend to be positive even though I’m miserable” people — I’m not talking about them. They haven’t found what they think they can fake it ’til they make. I hope they discover what they are looking for, although, in all honesty, I don’t think they can without recognizing and respecting the twisty part of themselves that resides in everyone.

Notice I didn’t say celebrate. Because you will encounter people who clasp habitual skepticism to their chest as a defining component of their personality. There’s nothing cool about true darkness of being. It doesn’t make you appear more intelligent. I want to say, “Isn’t that negativity heavy to carry around?” It’s heavy just being near it.

What you do with that that darker part and whether you choose to turn toward or away from it, characterizes who you are. Depression is prevalent in today’s world, most people have experienced it at one time or another — that is a mental health issue and not the subject of this article. I’m talking about basic personality in how you approach life, whether you seek a route of optimism or pessimism. I say seek, because most situations can be viewed through either a positive or negative lens. That’s a personal choice, how you pursue the elements of your life.

I seek to enrich my existence with those who know, through trial and error, that life can be hell but choose to take what they’ve learned and make their human experience better. Not only that, they encourage that in others.

Hold close those individuals you stumble across on this rocky road called life who enhance the best parts of you — they are in tune with the internal lightness within yourself. They see the areas where others revered negativity, recognize that was never you, and usher in their own beams of brightness to echo your own making everything around become luminous. They become part of your compass helping navigate the rocky road into a path to a happier you.

They are interested in digging deep, getting to know you — the real you — and they reflect back the brilliance they find, whether you have always had it or you are building it out of obscurity.  They see you. Your internal beacon of light clicks up a notch, or several notches, with each kindred spirit who sees the good in you and celebrates that. 

So take the boost of beautiful brightness you receive, bask in it, and then go shine your light on others. Show them that you see all they have to offer, their worth. Make them glow.


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