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Hey there, I’m Tara. Welcome to my blog. I like to call myself a prodigal writer — I returned to the craft after years of flirting with creativity using the excuse that someday I’ll have time to REALLY concentrate on my writing. Sound familiar?

This blog is a creative space where mistakes are okay, hiatuses happen, and laughter helps through it all.  And wine. Wine often helps.

If you’re like me, school, jobs, life’s curve balls, or just plain social media got in the way of writing. You’ve been waiting for it, and SOMEDAY is here! Okay, that might be a little over the top. Maybe you just decided screw it — someday never came and you’ve got to write now or die in obscurity. I’m pretty sure, for me, obscurity lies somewhere between field hockey practices and countless after-school clubs and activities. It definitely involves being a personal Uber driver to younger humans.

Speaking of younger humans, I am also a mom of four — fifty percent of them are graduated from or away at college and 100 percent are taller than I am.

My degree is in speech language pathology, but I’m also building my writing career thanks to friends and family who encourage me every day to follow my dreams! I hope you have a community that supports your dreams as well. They are your biggest advocates. If you don’t, become your own biggest advocate, come online, and hang out here with me.

The world of writing has drastically changed since I first thought “I want to be a writer.”  I, for one, do not miss the electric typewriter correction tape involved at that time. What I do miss are the lost opportunities and not following my dream of being a writer. I want to kick my younger self. Every. Day.

But those days are over.

I’ve seen many blogs centered on writing tips, how to’s, and techniques I’ve only begun to explore. I am eternally grateful they exist. These sites are proof of what a supportive creative tribe we writers belong to.

What I haven’t seen is the firsthand process a writer goes through — especially an *ahem* older writer (ME) — while maneuvering around adult and, at times, not-so-adult responsibilities. Life has a tendency to throw in the occasional hiccup on the returning journey to writing. Let’s talk about those, together.

Come with me as I chronicle my own return to writing — trials, tribulations, and trip-ups included.  A recent evolution into life experiences has also emerged among posts. Expect errors (many — and some are on purpose!), moments of inexperience (um, when did the comma go to Oxford?), and unexplainable daftism (also, made up words).

As you move forward in your own writer’s journey, know you aren’t alone. You aren’t the only one with doubts. You aren’t the only one relearning and freaking out along the way. We can lean on each other. Imperfect, besotted with our craft, and eager.

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